Emrals eCan v2

Rewards you for cleaning up with cash.

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About The eCan

A Can that Can Cleanup and give you money.

The eCan v2 is our second version of the award winning eCan. Building on the successful features that made data collection and positivie reinforcement come to your waste stream, the eCan v2 adds new monitization opportunities to all.

Transform your analog trashcan into a modern smart money generating system. The environment will thank you.


Attractive Features

The eCan is full of features. Not only can you track the recycle and landfill you throw out, you can get paid for being green.

User Friendly

The eCan has a friendly interface that makes it easy to understand our new technology. Who would imagine you can get paid for your trash, we make it easy to understand.

A Friendly Voice

The eCan talks to you! It will say thank you when you toss an item and remind you when it's time to take out the trash. It can also help you complete your transaction.

Instant Cash

Our network uses lightning fast transaction times so you get your money faster. Tranfers happen almost instantly and turn into cash right before your eyes.

Data Analysis

The eCan opens up a new world waste data. See brand new analytics and charts on waste patterns. See brand information and suggestions on how to be more efficient.

Why Choose The eCan?

The eCan is Made in NY with parts sourced from reputable distributors. It's also an investment opportunity. All eCan owners share in the money stream.

1 Year Guarantee

We stand by our products. The eCan comes with a 1 year satisfaction guarantee.

Free Shipping

All eCans ship from NYC and shipping is free to anywhere around the world.

Free Product Return

If you're not 100% satisfied with the eCan, you can return it for free.

Dedicated Support

We're always online to help. If you have any questions or concerns, let us know via email or chat.

Core Features

Outstanding Features

The eCan rewards both your pocket and the Earth by turning waste into profit and making it easy to cash out your winnings.

Interactive Audio

The eCan gives you audio feedback on your actions so you know you are doing the right thing to get your cha-ching!

Auto-sorting Recycling

Your milk carton will never get mixed up as cardboard again! Smart sensors place your waste in profit-pods for clean, efficient recycling.

Coin Accepter

Turn your spare change into digital assets or donate to your favorite city's Cleanup Zone to support cleanup with Emrals.

Trash to Cash

Cash out up to $10 at a time from your digital wallet and win instant cash rewards for cleaning up with the eCan.


Our Latest eCan

The eCan v2 is our latest eCan. With all of the improvments building on the first eCan.


eCan v2

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Customer's Feedback

The eCan has been deployed in several locations and we're looking to expand globally.


Frequently Asked Questions

We will do our best to answer any questios you may have. Email us or chat with us if your question is not answered below.

$2,000 USD. Discounts are available for early adopters.
Yes they may be purchased in bulk. Please contact sales.
Utility token for sponsoring cleanup.
No, it has it's own independent blockchain.
You keep it clean and take out the bags but we do the rest. If one is not working we'll replace it and bring it back for repairs.
Maintaince is covered by a % of the transaction fees and by the purchase. You'll also earn EMRALS each time you empty it.
To get tokens sold, you as the operator will run the wallet and be responsible for the cash in the dispenser.
Yes the operator deals with all of the cash.
It will be building from the first version. Mainly the coin features, image recognition and motor controls remain. This development will be accelerated as sales pick up.
The only expense of operating the eCan will be buying the bags and coins offered in the ATM.
Yes all transaction fees on the can will be split with operator.
Ad revenue will also be split with owner when ads are shown on their can - ad network is still in progress and early operators will have some say in this.
Yes, both on the skin and an ad network on the screens.
Yes, try https://www.marshallsterling.com/specialty-risks/atm-insurance
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