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About Emrals

What is Emrals?

Emrals was founded in 2014 beginning with the idea of a cryptocurrency based game that rewards you for cleaning up trash in your neighborhood. Emrals has won several awards for it's innovative approach to cleaning up our environment. We support transparency and Open Source. Check out our Github.

Based on Dash

Based on the well-tested Dash, the original masternode coin with big rewards, Emrals is here to grow a community of those who want to prosper. Using Masternode technology provides a steady stream of funding that turns into cleanup power. It’s Dash for trash.


  • Consensus: PoW + Masternode
  • Algorithm: X11
  • Max Coins: 25,000,000
  • Masternode: 1000 EMRALS
  • Target Block Time: 120 Seconds
  • Block Reward: 5 Per Block
  • Masternode Rewards: 20% - 50%

Real World Solutions

Emrals has deployed several IoT connected smart trash cans called the eCan. The eCan senses when recycling is done properly or trash is thrown out and gives rewards of EMRALS. The Emrals mobile app pays people anywhere in the world to report trash, cleanup and interact with the eCan. Emrals is forging the tools we need to keep our planet alive.


Q1 2019
  • 💸Proof of Stake
  • 🗑Launch CryptoCan
  • 📣Hire Community Manager
  • 🤑User Zone Fundraiser
Q2 2019
  • 🗣Social Features
  • 🎽Hire Sales Person
  • 💻Optimized Infrastructure
Q3 2019
  • 📱iOS Native Wallet
  • 🗞Subscription Management
  • 🤖Discord Zone TipBot

Amazing Team

Take a closer look into our amazing team. But not too close. We like to stay anon.

Dev #1

Friend of a Founder

Dev #1 has been following crypto since it began. Being involved in all things tech since life began, ecletic and ingenious, Dev #1 skills are as adaptable as the market is volatile.

Dev #2

Frontend and Design

Dev #2 graduated from a liberal arts university with nothing more than the passion to do as much good in the world as possible with finite skills and resources. IRL, the good is infinte.

Com #1

Community Manager

First hire for the founding introverts, Com #1 has a special talent for gathering people together who never even knew they wanted to be a part of something so rewarding.