eCan Says, "Thank You."

The eCan is smart trash bin. It keeps track of what you throw out and is helping us get to Zero Waste easy.

How does the eCan work?

You use the eCan like your ordinary, old-fashioned trash or recycling bin. The camera and the barcode reader help identify your waste. The touchscreen makes it a game. The sensor activates a rewarding "thank you" sound. You can use your own favorite trash bags inside our standard slim or square 30" base. It's easy and smart.

How does the eCan help with Zero Waste?

You can't change what you don't measure. To get to Zero Waste we need to know where we are now and collect data on what is going into these plastic bags. When you buy an eCan for your home, office, school or town, you become part of the system working towards Zero Waste.

Specifications, eCan 1.2

Feature Description
7" touch screen The touch screen displays info on scanned items, links to ad content, and some hidden games.
WiFi connection Links with emrals app and transmits real time data
Laser sensor Full coverage lasers sense items up to a .75 square inch area when item is tossed
Barcode scanner Provides more detailed data on the objects with barcodes
Image Capture 8 megapixel camera captures image of trash after it falls.
Rewarding sounds Your eCan says "Thank you" when an item is sensed.