Emrals Integrated Systems

Iot hardware, mobile apps and real life actions, Emrals is creating tools for zero waste.

The next phase eCan is an interactive, auto sorting recycling bin that transforms waste into useful materials.

Download the Emrals mobile app to tag dirt alerts, plan a cleanup path, support an impact zone, and play surprise games. AR coming soon!

Sponsor a prize, win a prize, join the emrals team in making our cities more sustainable.

Emrals eCan

Featured eCans around the World

The eCan at PS333

This classroom loves recyling and now the eCan is helping them keep track of their items with real time data about what they throw away with its integrated barcode scanner and fun interactive touchscreen design. Go ahead kids, talk some trash!

Downtown Brooklyn Solar eCan

Our first steel eCan designed for outdoor use on city trash cans is solar powered and eagarly awaiting installation in Downtown Brooklyn.

Buildinglink Commercial Space eCan

One of our first sales to a forward thinking company, the Buildinglink eCan is currently being updated to the newer model with barcode scanning capabilities.

eCan at Pop Up Shop

Our multicultural eCan thanked people at this holiday pop up in Soho in seven different languages. Nothing says thank you like "thank you, merci, gracias, etc!"


The original.

eCan at Automotive HS

As part of our Shuttleworth Foundation Grant, the Automotive HS will be receiving the second donated eCan.