Types of Dirt Alerts and Instructions


Food Waste / Compost


It’s not just litter, we know. The wind blows, the cans tip, the barrels overflow, but we can pick it up and put it where it goes and receive our rewards: a clean city and your own stash gleaming emrals.

Catch Basin

What happens when it rains? The water should flow down the drains. But if it’s clogged, the streets will sog. So clear it out and this how: A catch basin is a type of storm drain located adjacent to a curb that collects rainwater from the street and transports it either to one of DEP’s 14 wastewater treatment plants (for combined sewers) or directly into a waterbody (for stormwater sewers). The catch basin is typically covered by a metal grate, which prevents large objects from falling in. Catch basins function primarily as a draining mechanism during heavy storms to prevent flooding and allow rainwater to flow off of the city’s impermeable streets and sidewalks. With more than 144,000 catch basins, some of them are bound to get clogged once in a while.


When a property owner is absent or disabled, they might fail at being able remove the snow from their sidewalks to make safe pathway for pedestrians. All you need is a shovel to win some glistening winter emrals. Make sure you throw the snow just to the side and not in the street.


Is it art or not? Check with the owner of the building if it is on private property before attempting graffiti removal.


Is there a hazard that a person can remove carefully? There is a chance for emrals there.


Whether we are a dog lover or a cat lover, no one is a lover of poop on the sidewalk. Let’s grab a bag, pick it up, put it in the landfill until we figure out a better place to put it, and throw some water over it to rinse it off if you can. Check for eCan locations with power washers to get that sidewalk Emerald City sparkling clean!


It’s called a derelict bike. You have seen them all over the place. A bicycle is considered derelict if it is affixed to public property and it meets three of the following characteristics: the bicycle appears to be crushed or not usable; the bicycle is missing parts, other than the seat and front wheel, including handlebars, pedals, rear wheel or chain; the bicycle has flat or missing tires; the handlebars or pedals are damaged, or the existing forks, frames or rims are bent; or seventy-five percent or more of the bicycle is rusted.


It’s easier to spot a hydrant when it is freshly painted with a bright coat of paint. Adopt a hydrant, earn emrals and make these life saving essential water dispensers look as pretty as they are useful.


Even though it is organic, pet waste is still harmful to the trees on our sidewalks. Keeping our trees growing green can help you increase your green with emrals. Encourage people to curb their dogs, remove trash, plant flowers, replace bricks, trim potentially harmful branches and love, love, love our trees. They give us shade and oxygen and beauty.