About Emrals

Sean Auriti and Sojourner Hardemon at ITP Hackathon

We are building the Emrals systems to help achieve Zero Waste goals in our cities as it becomes more and more imperative for us to execute sustainable practices. Born out of a hackathon for Civic Engagement, Emrals was created to make cleaning up fun and rewarding. The problem of harmful waste entering our environment cannot be left to do-gooders alone.

Emrals is a new system that works with regular, everyday people.

People on smart phones walking down the street on a normal day, they snap a pic of trash with their Emrals app. People who want the trash they spot cleaned up but don’t have the time to do it themselves, they sponsor an Impact Zone. People who want to move towards Zero Waste in their schools, offices, and homes, they buy an eCan and start keeping track of their waste. The eCan data helps us understand their trash needs and guides us in our next line of smart trash cans.

It’s a big problem and we have big solutions. Join us and make our world more sustainable with Emrals.